Weller ET A Soldering Tip | Article Number – 4ETA-1

  • Compatible with – WEP 70 Soldering Iron
  • Genuine 100% Genuine Weller Product
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Weller ET A Chisel Shape Soldering Bit, Article Number 4ETA-1 [Product of Germany, 100% Genuine]


Weller ET A tip is a chisel shaped soldering tip plated with solid copper and iron.

The Weller magnastat system operates through a ferro-magnetic sensing device which changes its characteristics when specific temperatures are reached.

This causes it to either attract or repel a permanent magnet which operates a power supply switch.

In this way power to the heating element can be quickly switched on or off to either provide extra power for soldering operations or reduce power when idling.

Long Life

Using high-quality Weller soldering tips increases soldering speed and decreases the total cost of manufacture.

Higher temperatures and high tin content solders place additional strain on soldering iron tips.

The long life of a Weller soldering tip reduces tip changes, decreasing the total number of tips used and decreasing downtime.

Rapid Heat Recovery
Weller soldering iron tips are constructed from highly conductive premium grade copper to transmit heat to the work more quickly than other brands of soldering tips.

Quick heat recovery enables more joints to be soldered per minute, reducing manufacturing time and costs.


  • Very good performance
  • Maximum durability and long life
  • For universal soldering jobs
  • Wide range of tips
  • Weller ETA tip for WEP 70 soldering iron
Series ET
Shape Chisel
Maximum Length 34.5mm
Diameter 6.8mm
Size Thickness(R)0.7mm x Length(L)34.5mm x Width(Φ)1.6mm
Compatibility WEP 70 Soldering Iron
Silver Line Heating Element Technology On
Plating Solid Copper with Iron
Warranty Not Applicable
Article Number 4ETA-1
Model ET A
Country of Origin Germany
Brand Weller


  • Soldering electronic components

Package Content(s)

  • 1 x Weller ET A Soldering Tip | Article Number – 4ETA-1

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