Siron® 60W Ceramic Heater Soldering Iron

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Siron® 60W Ceramic Heater Soldering Iron
Description –

Siron 60W Soldering Iron is a soldering iron with Black handle and Ceramic Heater as its heating element. It has a power consumption of 60 W.

This soldering iron is suitable for soldering works, such as repairing electric household appliances, circuit boards, connectors.

To be very specific. Ideal for use in a variety of soldering works like hobbies, repairing electric household appliances, Circuit Boards, small electrical parts etc.

Features & Benefits –
  • Soldering iron tip with Ceramic Heater
  • Special double-layered heater for prolonged service life
  • Tip is plated with corrosion-resistant iron
  • Power Consumption – 60W
  • Operating Voltage – 230V AC
  • Tip to Ground Resistance < 2W
  • Tip to Ground Potential < 2mv
  • Iron Length – 248mm
  • Iron Weight – 95 g
  • Applicable for wide range of applications
  • Quick in attaining working temperature
  • Constant tip temperature
  • Low leakage current
  • Thinner grip for comfortable use
  • Easy and convenient tip and element replacement
  • Specially coated long life soldering bits/tips
  • Different shapes/types of bits/tips available
  • Reasonably priced spare parts
  • Model – SRN60W
Package Includes –
  • Siron 60W Soldering Iron

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