Circuitworks® Chemtronics Silver Conductive Grease CW7100 , 6.5 g (0.23 oz)

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Circuitworks® Chemtronics Silver Conductive Grease CW7100 , 6.5 g (0.23 oz)
Description –

Chemtronics Silver Conductive Grease CW7100 provides maximum electrical and thermal conductivity, proven lubrication properties, and protection from moisture, oxidation, and other environmental hazards.

This conductive grease for electrical connections utilize an advanced silicone lubricant that is compatible with metal, rubber, and plastic.

Use it to fill connector gaps, provide grounding for circuits, and control static discharge. Effective as a thermal conductive grease and electric conductive grease.

Features & Benefits –
  • Size – 6.5 g (0.23 oz), Blister Carded
  • Remains stable in a wide temperature range; -70 to 485 F (-57 to 252 C)
  • Material – 100% Silver Filled Silicone Grease
  • Color – Silver / Gray
  • Fills connector gaps to maximize electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Maximum electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity
  • Protects against moisture and corrosion
  • Conductive lubricant containing pure silver
  • Controls static discharge
  • Grounds circuits
  • Model – CW7100
Applications –
  • It may be used for high and low power applications
  • Heat Dissipation from Transformers
  • Low or Medium Speed Sliding Contacts
  • Static Grounding on Seals or O-Rings
  • Extending the Life of Rotating Switches
  • Lubrication of Substation Switches or Circuit Breakers
Compatibility –
  • Generally compatible with metal, rubber, and plastic. As with any compound, compatibility with substrate should be determined on a non-critical area prior to use.
Package Includes –
  • Chemtronics Silver Conductive Grease

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