Otovon® 24×36 Inch ESD Anti Static Clean Room Sticky Mat – 30 Sheets Each Mat

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Otovon® 24×36 Inch ESD Anti Static Clean Room Sticky Mat – 30 Sheets Each Mat
Description –

ESD Safe Sticky Mat is Ideal for the entry into clean room areas, each adhesive mat has 30 layers of a tough thin polyethylene film that is coated with a medium-tack adhesive to remove dirt and bacteria-carrying particles from shoes, casters, and cart wheels before entry into the clean environment.

Reduce Contamination with a Clean Room Sticky Mat

Tacky floor mats keeps contaminants out of your clean room with an individually numbered, peel off sticky mat.

The mats are available with an adhesive backing to secure directly to the floor.

Each sticky mat has a corner tab numbered consecutively 1-30 to assure that only one layer is peeled off at a time.

We offer a high-quality and economical line of peel-off sheet sticky mats ( tacky mats) designed for use in clean rooms.

The fast, convenient, reliable way to clean shoe soles before entering a clean area. Peel-off sheets eliminate the need for messy cleaning and make it easy to maintain a clean surface.

One-way sticky mat with high adhesive strength

Our Tacky Mats has multi-layered, low-profile, made up of 30 easy-peel layers with an adhesive surface. Essential for clean room areas where particle contamination must be kept to a minimum.

How to use ESD Sticky Mat?

Entering clean environments where you need to limit the transfer of dust and dirt from the bottom of your shoes, you simply walk over the tacky mat and the debris from the soles of the shoes clings to the surface, significantly reducing the amount of foot borne contamination entering the clean area.

Suitable for use in clean environments where electric discharge could cause problems, the mats are produced only from harmless materials, with water soluble anti static adhesives. Suitable for clean environments up to an ISO 5 rating, these mats help to control particle contamination by trapping debris from the soles of shoes.

Features & Benefits –
  • Material: Low density Polyethylene film
  • Surface do not damage by shoes, boots or trolley wheels
  • if dirty or when the adhesive strength decreases, just strip off the top foil and a new foil is instantly available
  • One-way tacky mats / adhesive mats
  • With indicator of remaining number of layers
  • Slip Resistant
  • Model – OESTKM24X36
Specifications –
  • Thickness of Sheet: 0.040mm
  • Color  – Blue
  • Size – 24 x 36 inch
  • Number of Sheets in Each Mat – 30 Layers
  • Suitable for clean room use
  • Adhesive Strength: TM-30 450 +50 / TM-30N 300 +50
  • Surface Resistance – 1010 Ω
  • Suitable for use in clean rooms rated up to ISO5
Package Includes –
  • ESD Safe Sticky Mat

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