Otovon® ESD Safe Antistatic Cleanroom Reusable Polyester Shoe Covers – White


Otovon® ESD Safe Antistatic Cleanroom Reusable Polyester Shoe Covers – Blue
Description –

ESD Safe Shoe Covers are Polyester shoe covers which are eco-friendly. made up of polyester , up to ankle length & of standard size.

So, this type of shoes covers are widely used in regulating and preventing infections and contamination during critical conditions. Moreover, used in clinics and other health and hospitality sectors or in home & kitchen or restaurant.

This ESD Safe White shoe cover has a specially integrated conductive fiber that dissipates static charges. So, it has durable polyester and cotton mix fabric which allows the garment to be worn for long periods of time, with great operator comfort.

It is antistatic and designed for use in an EPA. Moreover, The crease resistant and static dissipative material is has carbon loaded yarns woven in a 5mm grid.

In addition, the shoe cove maintains its electrical properties after more than 50 industrial laundering.

Moreover, it features its elasticity for a long duration of time even after multiple uses.

Features & Benefits –
  • Made up of Polyester. Therefore, maintains a good life.
  • Hygienic & Skin – Friendly
  • ESD Safe, Antistatic
  • Color – Blue
  • Model – OEWPS3
Applications –
  • Pharmaceutical, Electromechanical and Chemical Industries. So that the shoes can be protected from any damage.
  • Hospitals, Food areas, Inspection industries. In addition, to Bio-engineering.
  • Cleanrooms, laboratories & any other controlled environments
  • Ideal for Quality Control Inspections
Package Includes –
  • ESD Shoe Cover Pairs

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