Otovon® ESD Anti-Static PCB Cleaning Brush, Shape-Die Brush Type

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Otovon® ESD Anti-Static PCB Cleaning Brush, Shape-Die Brush Type
Description –

ESD PCB Cleaning Brush has plastic bristles that are either conductive or static safe.

Used within a static controlled area, the brushes are designed to dust Printed Circuit Board and other static sensitive items that require particles removed safely.

The specially developed brush is ideal for cleaning delicate components, integrated circuits and workstations surfaces.

If you want to have a nice clean board or maybe you’re doing some repair then you can use this stiff bristled brush without worries.

Some people like to drip a little rubbing alcohol on their PCBs after soldering and then scrubbing to remove rosin or flux.

Removes dirt on PCB and discharges the static electricity to the ground.

Allows for a complete and safe cleaning of ESD sensitive components without generating any harmful static charges.

Finally, you have the right tool for the job.

Features & Benefits –
  • Material: Plastic
  • Both conductive nylon and ESD safe plastic bristle
  • Ergonomic handles for comfort during prolonged use
  • Safely dissipate static charges without damaging electronic components
  • Important tool for any static controlled workstation
  • Firm bristles which are ideal for working with electronic devices
Applications –
  • Cleaning computer motherboards
  • Brushing down workstations and Anti Static mats
  • Cleaning delicate electronic components that require ESD protection
Package Includes –
  • Anti Static PCB Cleaning Brush

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