Mechanic LOCA TP-2500 UV Glue – 50ml

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Mechanic LOCA TP-2500 Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive for Mobile Touch Screen Glass, LCD Digitizer Glue (50 ml)
Description –

Mechanic LOCA TP-2500 UV Glue is formulated especially for bonding the outer glass to the digitizer in a smartphone or tablet display assembly. Moreover, it is compatible with all touchscreen devices such as iPhones, iPad, Kindle, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and other phones and tablets needing LOCA to attach glass and/or digitizer to LCD. However, UV GLUE LOCA fills fine scratches that may occur upon removing the old adhesive

Features & Benefits –
  • TP-2500 50ml UV LOCA Glue for Touch Screen & LCD Digitizer.
  • Made From Acrylic. So, superior quality.
  • Good Transmission & Flexibility. Therefore, easy to apply.
  • Clear & Efficient. So, gives a good finish.
  • Model – TP-2500-50ML
Specifications –
  • Brookfield Viscosity – 2500 mPa
  • Refractive Index – 1.48
  • Transmission (%) : >99 7
  • Store Hardness : 10
  • Storage temp : 10~30 C
  • RH<70%
  • Haze : 1000

Disclaimer: ***NOTE***: UV Glue (TP-2500) works only with UV Lamp. So, before using, please make sure you have UV lamp available.

Package Includes –
  • LOCA Glue

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