Human Body Voltage Checker | Z2055

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Human Body Voltage Checker | Z2055


Human body voltage checker is designed to measure the Static Voltages carried on a human body.

It is a good auditing tool to verify whether Personnel entering an ESD safe area are carrying any hazardous charges on themselves.

Touch the Button on the instrument and directly read the charge level on the display.

The Z2055A version gives a hazard warning if Voltage detected exceeds 100V.


Dimensions in mm (L)125 x (W)75 x (H)29
Weight 125g
Indicating Range 0 to  +/-2000V
Warning(in Z2055A) Audio alarm if voltage exceeds 100V
Display 3.5 digit LCD display with polarity indication
Accuracy  +/-15%
Power Supply 9V DC Battery
Low battery Warning at < 7.5 V on Display
Traceability To national standards
Accessories Carrying case & Grounding Cord
Calibration Recommended every 12 months
Warranty* 12 months
Model Z2055
Country of Origin India
Brand Zeebeetronics


  • To measure static voltage on human body

Package Contents

  • 1 x Human Body Voltage Checker | Z2055
  • 1 x Grounding Cord
  • 1 x Carrying Case

*Warranty T&C – Applicable for 12 months from the date of purchase. Forward-Reverse transportation cost from our office in Delhi, India will be paid by purchaser of the equipment. Warranty voids in case of liquid damage, physical damage and/or if warranty seal is voided off.

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