Goot PX-60RT-1.6D Soldering Tip

  • Compatible with – PX-501, PX-601, RX-701, RX-711, CXR-31, CXR-41 Etc.
  • Genuine 100% Genuine Goot Japan Product
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Goot® PX-60RT-1.6D Soldering Iron Tip


Goot PX-60RT-1.6D soldering iron tip has a shape like a flat-blade screwdriver and is capable of soldering by applying the tip in 2 ways: line and face.

The width (size of tip) suitable for the workpiece can be selected, and it can be used for any soldering work.

It is a long-life replacement soldering iron tip with tin plating for precision component soldering and compatible with a range of soldering stations and irons.


  • This soldering iron replacement tip has a copper base
  • Inside of the tip there is an anti-stick stainless steel corral
  • This iron tip has a laser print for identification
  • Temperature Stability The characteristic of soldering iron tip temperature recovery

Replacement Procedure

  1. Unscrew a barrel nut
  2. Take off a heater collar
  3. Replace a soldering tip
  4. Stainless steel collar inside of the tip can stick to a heater. When replacing a tip, be sure to take it off from a heater. To prevent an iron tip and a heating element from sticking to each other, and from damage when replacing a tip, regularly take off and on an iron tip


Series PX-60RT
Type/Shape 1.6D
Plating Tin
Size (L)17mm x (W)Φ1.6mm
Compatibility PX-501, PX-601, RX-701, RX-711, CXR-31, CXR-41, etc.
Warranty Not Applicable
EAN 4975205562669
Model PX-60RT-1.6D
Country of Origin Japan
Brand Goot


  • Soldering electronic components

Package Content(s)

  • 1 x Goot PX-60RT-1.6D Soldering Tip

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