Goot BS-2 Tip Refresher | Lead Free

  • Improves Oxidized Soldering Tips

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Goot® BS-2 Soldering Iron Lead Free Tip Refresher
Description & Usage –

Goot BS-2 Tip Refresher is suitable for fast and effective cleaning of the soldering iron tip, which already can not be cleaned with a sponge or napkins.

How to Use –

1. Optimal tip temperature for refreshing it is from 300 to 360˚C. At the proper temperature: Tip refresher dissolves while producing some smoke and bubbles. At a lower temperature: Pieces of the Tip refresher may stick to the tip.

Continue to heat up for a while. At a higher temperature: Smoke and bubbles are produced with a creaking sound when the tip is dipped.

Lower the tip temperature.
2. Dip the hot tip into the tip refresher.
3. Apply solder to the tip. Then carefully clean it with a moist sponge.
4. If the tip is still unclean, repeat steps 2 and 3 above.

Goot BS-2 Tip Refresher


Make sure you completely remove the tip cleaner from the tip before starting to solder PCBs. If the tip cleaner remains on the tip, it may stick to the PCB and corrode components.

Features & Benefits –
  • Net weight : 9g Each
  • Provides improved soldering performance
  • Removes oxides on tips, re-coats the tip with tin, and restores solder wetting capability.
  • Model – BS-2
  • JAN Code – 4975205320368
  • Country of Origin – Japan
Applications –
  • To improve work efficiency, you need this Tip Refresher Make the soldering tip looks like new one again
  • This Tip Refresher removes the oxides on the tip
Composition –
  • Ammonium Phosphate
  • Tin Powder
Caution –

If the abrasive remains on the soldering tip when soldering, the abrasive will be attached to the printed circuit board, it is possible to produce erosion and damage to the circuit board, please remove completely the abrasive from soldering tip after soldering tip regeneration.

Package Includes –
  • Goot BS-2 Tip Refresher

if you are looking for tip cleaners, we have Goot ST-40 model available.

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