Goot BS-10 Soldering Paste | Weak Acid

  • Improves Soldering Performance

Genuine 100% Genuine Goot® Japan Product

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Goot® BS-10 Hobby Use Rosin Weak Acid Soldering Paste | 10g Each
Description –

Goot BS-10 Soldering Paste have stable performance and low volatility, long use cycles, non-toxic, no irritant smell.

It’s the ideal auxiliary products for High quality electronic products manufacturing.

Also Goot BS-10 Soldering Paste is a good helper for maintenance engine.

Features & Benefits –
  • Made of no acid soldering flux, semi solid which is not easy to dump.
  • Have strong oxide removal effect to gold-copper alloy substrate and Wire.
  • Strong welding power, joint high intensity, low residual.
  • Color : Silver
  • Diameter of box size : 4.5cm
  • Net weight : 10g Each
  • Provides improved soldering performance
  • Good for cables and large terminals. Removes oil or oxides, and improves wet-ability.
  • NOTE: BS-10/15 is a weakly acidic paste. Cannot be used on PCBs.
  • Weak Flux – Not For Use on PCB
  • Model – BS-10
  • JAN Code – 4975205320139
  • Country of Origin – Japan
Applications –
  • Using the end of a match or toothpick, apply a little soldering paste to the leads that will be soldered.
  • Place the soldering iron tip over the leads. Contact the solder against these leads.
  • Heat the solder till it flows freely, then quickly move the soldering iron and solder away.
Composition –
  • Vaseline : 80-90wt%
  • Zinc chloride : 4-6wt%
  • Water : 2-4wt%
  • Paraffin : 6-9wt%
  • Ammonium chloride : 1-3wt%
Package Includes –
  • Soldering Paste

For tip refreshing, please use Goot BS-2 Soldering Tip Refresher..

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