ESD Clean Room Anti Static Blue Slippers – Unisex

  • PU Coated Anti Static Slippers


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ESD Clean Room Anti Static Blue Slippers – Unisex
Description –

Our ESD Safe Blue Slippers have been specially designed to provide you with the correct support, slipper static protection and all day comfort.

Anti static Slipper or ESD Sandal is made of high elasticity anti static polyurethane sole and PU leather upper, which is beautiful, light and comfortable, wear resistant, not deformed, durable, thoroughly solved duty off problem.

The ESD Safe Blue Slippers has one piece construction of SPU upper and a unique static safe SPU sole. This design makes sure human body eliminating static charges fast to ground via the static safe sole, and it does not utilize any copper foil for electrical conductivity.

Features & Benefits –
  • Material: SPU
  • Color – Blue
  • Non marking, Anti Slip Sole
  • Easy to wash : Excellent electrical properties
  • Surface resistance: <109 ohms
  • System resistance: 1.0x106-1.0x109 ohms
  • Balanced Insoles – Reflecting the foot’s natural shape and supporting the body
  • Correct fit – Our footwear holds narrow and wide feet equally securely and firmly
  • All styles in this range have anti-slip soles for slip sensitive areas
  • Provides the correct level of static control for working with ESD protected areas
  • Very Comfortable
  • Model – O9BLUFW
Applications –
  • Working within an EPA
  • Clean rooms labs & any other controlled areas
  • Suitable For Use When Handling Large ESD Sensitive Items
  • Ideal for Quality Control Inspections
Package Includes –
  • ESD Safe Blue Slippers

We have other color of ESD slippers as well.

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