ESD PU Palm Fit Gloves

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ESD PU Palm Fit Gloves
Description –

ESD PU Palm Fit Gloves white, lightweight, static dissipative gloves with PU coated palm is a popular choice with those who need to handle electronic parts and components.

The polyurethane coating on palm and fingers help to prevent product contamination as well as offering excellent grip and ESD protection.

Meanwhile, the non coated back of the glove provides ventilation, helping to perspiration and clamminess.

This is a highly popular glove among our customers. So, the white, lightweight, static dissipative characteristics of the glove, combined with the PU coated palm and finger tips, makes them ideal for handling electronic parts and components.

Our ESD PU Palm Fit Gloves are ideal for use when handling or transporting devices and components that are susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge.

This static dissipative knitted glove contains a carbon filament and has a Polyurethane (PU) coating on the palm section.

The carbon filament is a long-lasting electro-conductive filament that is made with a three-layer composite fiber – a center layer of carbon containing dissipative polymer sandwiched between two nylon layers.

So, corona discharge caused by this construction produces a long-lasting static eliminating effect.

What’s more, the color-coded cuffs enable users to quickly find the size needed.

Features & Benefits –
  • Material: 100% pure nylon (280 Denier with 13 Gauge) with Polyurethane palm coating
  • Static Dissipative
  • Elastic, Breathable & Dust Free
  • White liner & white palm coating
  • Surface resistivity – 1×106-8Ω/cm
  • Non-Washable
  • Delicate round tip finishing. So that dexerity can be maintained
  • Colour – A natural light grey carbon liner with white coated palm
  • Model – O2PUPFG
Applications –
  • Cleanrooms, laboratories, Electronics Service Centers and any other controlled environments
  • Suitable for use when handling large ESD sensitive items as a protection against static damage
  • Ideal for quality control inspections
Package Includes –
  • ESD PU Palm Fit Gloves

Our another range of ESD gloves have Fingertip Gloves, Dotted Finger & Palm Striped Gloves etc.

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