ESD PU Fingertip Gloves – Carbon

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ESD PU Fingertip Gloves – Carbon
Description –

ESD PU Fingertip Gloves filament gloves are ideal for use when handling or transporting devices and components that are susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge.

While each finger has a polyurethane coating to the tip sections, the back and palm of the glove remain uncoated to provide good ventilation to the hand, avoiding perspiration.

This static dissipative knitted glove contains a carbon filament and has a Polyurethane (PU) coating on the finger tip sections.

The carbon filament is a long-lasting electro-conductive filament that is made with a three-layer composite fiber – a center layer of carbon containing dissipative polymer sandwiched between two nylon layers.

So, corona discharge caused by this construction produces a long-lasting static eliminating effect.

Features & Benefits –
  • Material – 80% nylon and 20% carbon (knitted with 13 gauge) with polyurethane finger tip coating
  • Delicate round tip finishing to maintain dexerity
  • Surface resistivity – 1×106-8Ω/cm
  • Washable in a conventional washing machine at a temperature of no more than 40oC with non-biological detergent
  • Color – A natural light grey carbon liner with white coated fingertips
  • Model – O1PUFTG
Applications –
  • Cleanrooms, laboratories, Electronics Service Centers and any other controlled environments
  • Suitable for use when handling large ESD sensitive items as a protection against static damage
  • Ideal for quality control inspections
Package Includes –
  • ESD PU Fingertip Gloves

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