ESD Mat Grounding Wire – B2C Type | OM7WB2C

  • B2C Type Mat Grounding Cord
  • Without Banana Plug
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ESD Mat Grounding Wire – B2C Type – OM7WB2C

ESD mat grounding wire is a multi-purpose grounding cord which is specifically made for perfect grounding of operator working on ESD sensitive devices.

This type of ESD mat grounding cord comes with a 10mm press stud at one end and crocodile clip at another without a banana plug.

ESD mat grounding wire is fully comfortable and designed with approximately 6 Feet length.

It is a safety device used to channel static electricity to a proper ground while handling sensitive components.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage occurs when a release of stored static electricity travels from something such as a person’s body into a conductor of a different potential, such as an electronic component.

So, grounding of the operator must be ensured not only through ESD wrist strap but it should be further connected to PVC mat or rubber mat through anti static mat grounding cord .

ESD wrist strap connector with conical head is multi-purpose wire suitable for use with all ESD & anti static mats, this b2b type mat grounding cord ensures the grounding stud remains protected, reducing the likelihood of disconnection.

Our esd grounding cord is covered with non-conductive PU.


  • Low profile cone prevents cord becoming detached
  • Outer covered with non-conductive PU


Ends10mm Button to Crocodile Clip without Banana Plug
Cord Length6-Feet
WarrantyNot Applicable
Country of OriginChina


  • Enabling ESD sensitive equipment to ground correctly
  • To ground staff, reducing the risk of damage to sensitive electronic components
  • Grounding wrist straps to constant monitors

Package Content(s)

  • 1 x ESD Mat Grounding Wire – B2C Type | OM7WB2C

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