ESD Safe Anti Static Footplate For ESD Footwear Testing Z103F

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ESD Safe Anti Static Footplate For ESD Footwear Testing Z103F
Description –

ESD Footwear Test Plate is required to check Wrist straps and ESD footwear as they are the first line of defense against electrostatic charge build up on the human body. They are designed to carry away this charge as soon as it is generated.

At the same time the wrist strap or footwear must remain electrically safe for the user. Thus, it is important to test every wrist strap or footwear regularly.

In order to protect sensitive electronic components, the maximum wrist strap resistance should not be more than 10 meg ohms and footwear resistance should not be more than 35 Mega ohms.

On the other hand, the resistance should not be less than 0.75 mega ohm as protection to the wearer from dangerous levels of voltage and current flow.

The ESD Footwear Test Plate helps us knowing if the footwear we are using in clean room labs are safe, so that any static damage can be prevented.

The wrist strap and the footwear tester checks these parameters under actual operating conditions with the strap on the wrist or footwear to the foot. It clearly indicates whether or not the wrist strap/footwear is safe to use.

Features & Benefits –
  • Pass Range : Wrist strap 0.75 to 10.0 Mega Ω | Footwear 0.75 to 35.0 Mega Ω
  • Range selection : By Slide Switch 10 Mega Ω – Wrist Strap, 35 Mega Ω – ESD Footwear / Heel & Toe strap.
  • Indications : Dual color LED: Pass – Green, Fail – Red Audible Alarm for Fail mode.
  • Accuracy: +/- 10%.
  • Dimensions : 400mm x 200mm
  • Weight : 350 grams
  • Calibration : Recommended every 12 months.
  • Trace-ability : To national standards
Applications –
  • Testing ESD Footwears

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