ESD Dotted Gloves | Striped Hand Gloves

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ESD Dotted Gloves | Striped Hand Gloves
Description –

In any ESD protected work place, such as electronics manufacturing and repairing, hand protection against static electricity is important.

ESD dotted gloves (also called anti static dotted gloves) are made of special polyester material with conductive fiber, conductive fiber spacing is 10mm.

ESD dotted gloves are with excellent flexibility and anti-static properties, static electricity produced by the body to avoid damage to the product. It can be used in a clean room for the required anti-static gloves environment.

Wear ESD dotted gloves to avoid direct contact with the operator finger static-sensitive components and it can be safely carried by the human operator to discharge electrostatic charge.

It is the semiconductor industry, optical industry, and other necessary staff work wear.

Mainly used for anti-static gloves required environment such as electronics, instrumentation and other industries, to prevent electrostatic damage to electronic components caused by the aging; in the petrochemical industry can prevent static electricity caused by the combustion and explosion hazard.

ESD Safe hand gloves are used to protect against static discharge that may cause damage to materials being handled.

These lint free dotted hand gloves possess low resistance to electric charge.

That acts for dissipating static charge from the operator and the object to the atmosphere.

ESD Safe Dotted Gloves low cost Polyester ESD Gloves, suitable for all assembly processes.

These static safe gloves also feature dotted palm and fingers for good grip.

An Anti Static glove with non slip properties and good ventilation, great for use in micro electronics, assembly and packing.

ESD dotted gloves is a popular choice with those who need to handle electronic parts.

Features & Benefits –
  • Static safe glove which will dissipate any charge
  • Surface Resistance: 10⁷ - 109 Ω
  • Multiple Reuse
  • Easily Washable
  • Conductive distance: 10 mm
  • Highly stretchable and comfortable
  • Good ESD properties
  • Non slip, better grip on precision components and parts
  • Ideal for PCB, Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing process
  • Resistance against Corrosion
  • Smooth finish and Comfortable Fitting
  • PVC dotted palm with non slip properties
  • Striped Glove 100% Polyester
  • Good elasticity
  • Excellent sweat absorbency
  • Good ventilation
  • Delicate round tip finishing
  • Lightweight, with good moisture absorbency and some heat resistance
  • 100% Cotton Lining Provides Excellent Sweat Absorbency For User Comfort
  • Elastic, Breathable & Dust Free
  • Model – O3DOTG
Applications –
  • Clean room, laboratories & any other controlled environments. In addition, to Electronics Service Centers
  • Suitable For Use when Handling Large ESD Sensitive Items. So, that they can be protected from damage
  • Ideal for Quality Control Inspections
Package Includes –
  • ESD Dotted Gloves

Our another range of ESD gloves have PU Fingertip Gloves, PU Palm Gloves etc.

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