2-Way ESD Common Grounding Point – Z111

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2-Way ESD Common Grounding Point
Description –

ESD Common Grounding Point is required because: as per ANSI/ESD S20:20 all conductors including Personnel must be electrically connected and attached to a known ground. A common question about anti-static wrist straps is how and where to ground them.

Antistatic work station operators need a convenient method of grounding their wrist straps where the ground cord won’t get in the way of their work. This convenient device provides the means to ground anti static wrist straps at your work station.

The strong bracket mounts (with just 2 screws) to the bottom front edge of your work table or bench. Banana sockets located in the front of the bracket allow for easy connection of two wrist strap cords for operators working side by side.

If you are looking for a 4-Way common Grounding Point, then we recommend using our Z111A Plug.

For grounding cords you can buy our Stud to Crocodile Clip Grounding Cord.

Features & Benefits –
  • Designed to mount under bench, saving work surface space
  • Banana jacks allow for grounding multiple anti-static wrist straps at once
  • Lug for attachment to earth ground
  • Front edge bench mounting of ground block via two screw slots
Specifications –
  • Dimensions : 125 x 75 x 29 mm
  • Weight : 175 gms
  • Construction : Black ABS with 4mm banana sockets
  • Fixing : with 2 screws
  • Model – Z111
Applications –
  • Enabling ESD sensitive equipment to ground correctly. So, protect them from damage.
  • To ground staff, reducing the risk of damage to sensitive electronic components. Therefore, more easy to work.
  • Grounding wrist straps to constant monitors
Package Includes –
  • Common Grounding Point

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