Electroloy® 0.8mm Sn99.3Cu0.7 Lead Free Solder Wire – 500g

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Electroloy® 0.8mm Sn99.3Cu0.7 Lead Free Solder Wire – 500g
Description –

Electroloy no clean lead free solder wire is a very high graded flux cored solder wire. Electroloy EM#53HD solder wire has shining look and grey uniform color.

This flux residue on the wire is non conductive and non corrosive to metal parts which enables it use as a no clean solder wire.

However, cleaning may be done using solvent cleaner if post residue removal is desired.

Electroloy Lead Free Solder wire and bar products provide excellent performance for automatic and hand soldering in the industry.

Joints created are smoother, stronger, shiner and cleaner than conventional lead free solder alloys and no shrinkage effects are visible.

It creates better solder joints with through hole penetration and good top side fill formation.

Dross rate of these solder wires are very low and makes it economical to use.

You can find Sn63/Pb37 Electroloy Solder Wire and Sn60/Pb40 Electroloy Solder Wire as one of our featured products.

Features & Benefits –
  • Concentration – Tin 99.3% Copper 0.3% Lead 0%
  • Thickness – 0.8mm (0.031″)
  • Spool Size – 500g
  • Flux Corded Solder Wire
  • Low Melting Point
  • Strong Joint
  • Perfect For Industry, Hobbyists , DIY Projects , Students , Engineers , Repairing Works
  • Model – #53HDSN99.3CU0.7
Specifications –
Package Includes –
  • Electroloy EM#53HD SN99.3CU0.7

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