ESD Mat Grounding Cord – Ring To 5-Star Claw Type

  • Ring to Claw Type
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ESD Floor Mat Grounding Cord – Ring To 5-Star Claw Type
Description –

Claw Type ESD Mat Grounding Cord with ring at one end and claw at another, a fully comfortable and designed with fully adjustable with 6′ Feet length.

Therefore, it is a safety device used to channel static electricity to a proper ground while handling sensitive components. While, ESD damage occurs when a release of stored static electricity travels from something such as a person’s body into a conductor of a different potential, such as an electronic component.

Suitable for use with all ESD & Anti Static mats, this lead ensures the grounding remains protected, reducing the chances of disconnection. 6 feet long cord, covered with non conductive PU

Specifications –
  • Color – Yellow
  • 5 Star Claw Ensure Good Connection with Rubber or Mat
  • Ring Terminal at end of the cord allows easy connection to Ground
  • Cord Length – 06 Feet
  • Low profile cone prevents cord becoming detached
  • Cord outer covered with non conductive PU
  • Cord Diameter – 2.4 MM
  • Resistivity – 1 mega Ohm +/- 10%
  • Model – O8MGC
Applications –
  • Enabling ESD sensitive devices to ground correctly. So, protect them from damage.
  • To ground staff, reducing the risk of damage to sensitive electronic components. Therefore, more easy to work.
  • Grounding wrist straps to constant monitors
Package Includes –
  • ESD Floor Mat Grounding Cord

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