Techspray USA

Techspray – USA

The first Techspray product, Blue Stuff, was introduced in 1968 to clean lubricate the rotary contacts of TV tuners. Ironically enough, Blue Stuff was such a messy product that Techspray developed Blue Shower, a Freon-based cleaner to remove excess Blue Stuff. Techspray Blue Shower has become an industry-standard degreaser that’s known all over the world for its powerful cleaning action and fast evaporation.

Techspray acquired Plato® brand soldering products in 2003, adding high-quality soldering tips and tools to our product offering. In 2006, Techspray was acquired by ITW, a multi-billion dollar organization with an already strong brand portfolio for the electronic assembly market, including Kester, Speedline, Vitronics Soltec, and Texwipe.

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