Bakon BK606 LCD Soldering Iron | 60W

  • Ceramic Heater | Fast Heat up
  • Genuine 100% Genuine Bakon® China Product
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Bakon BK606 LCD Soldering Iron | 60W
Description –

Bakon BK606 Soldering Iron is a 60W soldering iron with LCD display. In addition, it has Blue handle and ceramic heater as its heating element.

This soldering iron is suitable for soldering works, such as repairing electric household appliances, circuit boards, connectors. However, to be very specific, it is Ideal for use in a variety of soldering works like hobbies, repairing electric household appliances, Circuit Boards, small electrical parts etc. Moreover, it is reasonably priced soldering iron with ceramic heater.

If you’re looking after a high-quality, no frills iron, then the Bakon is for you. It ensures plenty of heat for the most demanding project, and a high-quality iron will maintain it’s heat and last forever. This is our pick for a basic, long-lasting iron.

Features & Benefits –
  • Soldering iron tip with ceramic heater. Fast heat up
  • Prolonged service life
  • Economical, Lightweight Design. So, ideal for circuit boards, small electric parts, connectors and wiring connections
  • Power – 60W
  • Digital Indicator on body of handle
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Easy to place and use
  • Precise digital calibration
  • Dual Temperature – Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • Input Voltage – 230V
  • Temperature Range – 200-480 ℃
  • Temperature Stability – ±2℃
  • Frequency – 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions – 170(L) x 30(H) x 30(W) mm
  • Temperature Calibration – Digital
  • Model – BK-606
  • Country of Origin – China
Package Includes –
  • Bakon BK606 LCD Soldering Iron

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