Bakon BK5600 Ionizing Air Blower

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Bakon BK5600 Ionizing Air Blower
Bakon BK5600 Ionizing Air Blower can be used to control electrostatic charges in electronics and medical devices manufacturing and assembly.

Features & Benefits –

Compact, Lightweight, Portable, Adjustable Speed, Direction of Air can be changed

  • Fast Static Neutralizing
  • Automatic Ion Balance
  • Large Coverage of Ionic Air Current
  • Long Life Leakage transformer and short circuit protection
  • Built in Ion emitter point cleaner
  • Low power consumption

Specifications –

  • Max Power – 25W
  • Output Voltage – 5.6KV AC
  • Ion Balance – ±10V
  • Air Volume – 2.4cu m/min
  • Coverage – 40cm x 150cm
  • Ozone ≤0.03PPM
  • Noise – 45dB
  • Operating Environment Temperature – 0-40°C
  • External Dimension – 290(L) x 220(W) x 175(H)mm
  • Weight – 2.50Kg

BK5600 ESD Test Results

Note – Testing Result may change due to the change of temperature and humidity of environment within 30cm testing distance.

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