Bakon BK485E Surface Resistance Tester

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Bakon BK485E Surface Resistance Tester
Description –

This Bakon BK485E Surface Resistance Tester with probes is a wide-range, battery operated, portable instrument for measuring Surface Resistivity of virtually any surface.

In the electronics manufacturing and service industry where we need to protect expensive electronic components from ESD damage, ESD Association has set global standards EN 61340-5-1 Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena for prevention and control of static damage.

Therefore, various clean room products which are supposed to be ESD safe are used during manufacturing, installation, assembly, repair, servicing, transport of printed circuit boards and they need to control the static damage genuinely.

Why we need to test ESD Safe Products before use?

In the market there are many low priced clean room products available which may not be capable of maintaining the standards set by ESD Association, so it is recommended to test these products if they are ESD safe or not.

All cleanroom products which are claimed as ESD safe can be checked if they are Conductive, Static Dissipative or Insulative using SRM. This meter has three color combinations of LEDs.

Following table shows the reading and light color on the tester –

Surface Light Surface Resistivity (Ω/square) Result
Conductive Green <105 ESD Antistatic
Static Dissipative Yellow 105 – 3.5×107
Static Dissipative Yellow                    106 – 1011
Insulative Red 1012 – 1013 Non ESD
Need for SRM – 

In the circuit industry, products such as packaging materials, component storage bags and trays, work bench surfaces, table and floor mats, conveyor belts, etc., have resistance values which need to conform to stringent specifications.

The Surface Resistivity meter can play a vital role in monitoring and checking the ESD characteristic of the above items.

Surface Resistivity, Resistance between 2 points, and Surface to Ground can all be conveniently measured in accordance with EOS/ESD Association Std S4.1.

Measurements with built in parallel electrodes or special external probes in the conductive range i.e. up to 105 are made at 10V and all higher values at 100V.

A separate cord is also provided for Surface to ground measurements whereby the resistance differential between any surface and any chosen ground can be determined.

For ESD Wrist Strap Tester you can try our BK498 as a dedicated product.

Features & Benefits –
  • Measurement Range : Auto Ranging 103 to 1013 ohms/sq
  • Measurement accuracy : Half decade
  • LCD Screen
  • Resolution : One decade
  • Temperature (In Use) – 5-49°C
  • Temperature (In Storage) -15-60°C
  • Relative Humidity – 65RH%
  • Analysis – A number of levels
  • Conversion Point – Logarithm on 1/2 decimal (3.16 x 10n)
  • Conversion Point Accuracy – ±1/2 decimal
  • Deviation – ±5%
  • Accuracy – ±5%
  • Model – BK485E
Applications –
  • Measuring Surface Resistance of virtually any surface

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