Amtech RMA-223 Flux – 10cc

  • Smooth Soldering | Prevent Oxidation
  • Genuine 100% Genuine Amtech Product
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Amtech RMA-223 Soldering Paste Flux – 10cc
Description –

Amtech RMA-223 flux has stable performance and low volatility, long use cycles, non-toxic, no irritant smell.

Moreover, It’s the ideal auxiliary products for High quality electronic products manufacturing.

So, Amtech RMA-223 Flux is perfect quality SMT, SMD soldering Process. So, it makes necessary to use Flux in soldering to remove oxides from the contacts of the parts to be soldered together.

Features & Benefits –
  • Prevents Oxidation, Eliminates Impurities. In addition to, its high quality and clarity.
  • Excellent Wetting. Therefore, easy to complete the task.
  • Non-Corrosive, Non-Conductive. So, Safe to use.
  • Country of Origin – China
  • Model – AMT10CCRMA223
Applications –
  • For use in Engineering colleges, professional service centers and other allied industries (Electrical and Electronic). So, it gives 100% bright bond in PCB techniques towards soldering.
Package Includes –
  • 1 x Amtech RMA-223 Soldering Paste Flux – 10cc

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